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Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus – A passion for thousands and a dream for many. With such a bright future that youth feels a great attraction towards the Indian Army. They desperately want to join the Indian Army, the spirit of patriotism is in the blood of youngsters. Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus

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It has been almost 69 years since when Indian Army was established on 15 August 1947. Since then, the craziness never lacked down in the youth of our Country. Every year, there is a mass of volunteers getting recruited in this department.

This year too, the Indian Armed forces has released the general duty(GD) recruitment for all those deserving candidates who are having the dream to become a soldier. Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus

So, if you too consider yourself a true patriot, then Join the Indian army. Apply for the recruitment released and go for the Written Exam. Here, you will get all sorts of help including Syllabus, Topics, Books, And Test Papers for the Written exams. We are helping you to become a soldier because it’s a proud privilege for us too.

Army General Duty(GD) Written Exam Syllabus

Want to fulfill your dream? Want to be a part of one of the World’s Biggest Armies? Want to get recruited in the Indian Army? you can do it with the right track and a good strategy, and it will be all done.

If you want tips on how to prepare for the Indian army written exam, then click on the link given.

First of all, let me tell you that there will be a written exam of 100 marks comprising of 50 objective type questions from Mathematics, General Knowledge, and General Science. Have a look at the marking scheme.

  • General Knowledge – 30%
  • General Science – 40%
  • Mathematics – 30%

It’s time to check out the syllabus subject-wise, which would help you to decide the preparation strategy and exam criteria. Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus

General Knowledge – 30%

This section of the written exam will contain 30% of weightage, and one among the section which has the vast syllabus. The more you read, the more you will explore.

 TopicQuestions From
Awards & PrizesNational awards, Gallantry awards, Nobel prizes
TerminologyGeographical terms, Economic terms, Astronomical terms, Legal terms, and Misc terms.
AbbreviationsNational and International
HistoryImportant dates & battles in Indian and World History and Landmarks of Indian History, national movement.
GeographySolar System, Space exploration, The Earth, Principal Peaks, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes and famous Waterfalls, Geographical Tallest, Biggest, and Longest, etc.
SportsNational and International
Other Topics UNO, Indian Armed Forces, Indian Towns, States, and UTs, Institutions and research stations, International space stations and festivals of India and world, Indian News Agencies and Dailies, Continents and Sub Continent, Inventions and Discoveries, Environment, The Constitution of India, Religious Communities and Principal Languages, National and International Days, International Organizations, Books and Authors, The world of plants and animals, Current Affairs and “Who`s Who”.
Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus, Topics, Books & Test Papers – Best Army GD Coaching in Lucknow

General Science – 40%

This section comprises the highest percentage of questions in the written exam of Soldier General Duty, and you need to focus especially on this section of course. Have a look at the topics covered in the syllabus.

TopicQuestions From
BiologyGeneral Biology(Related to day to day activities)
Scientific TermsCommonly used scientific terms in daily life also includes  Research Institutes in India
PhysicsGeneral Physics(Related to day to day activities)
ChemistryGeneral Chemistry(Related to day to day activities)
Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus, Topics, Books & Test Papers – Best Army GD Coaching in Lucknow

Mathematics – 30%

Mathematics is such a marks scoring subject in the written exam, and you can easily make your overall percentage by scoring well in this. Just a little effort and correct knowledge are needed and you will be all done. Check out the syllabus and start practicing.

 Topic Questions From
MensurationArea and perimeters of squares, rectangles, parallelograms and circles, volume and surface area of cube, cuboids, cone, cylinders, and sphere.
GeometryLines and angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, and parallelograms and circles.
ArithmeticUnitary method, time, work and distance, simple interest, numbers, HCF, LCF, Decimal, fraction, square roots, percentage, average, ratio and proportion, partnership, profit, and loss.
AlgebraBasic operations and factorization, HCF and LCM, quadratic equations.
Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus, Topics, Books & Test Papers – Best Army GD Coaching in Lucknow

Books For Indian Army GD written Exam – Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus

Though there are tons of reading and practicing material available on the internet, but still here are some suggested books for the Indian army GD written exam. Books are the best way when it comes to smart study. You need to study smartly as the time is less and you have to cover more. So, go for the books suggested by the experts, here they are:-

  • NER – You will easily get this book from any nearby book shop, or you can also order it from some online shopping store. I would recommend this book because this is a full package of study material with lots of questions.
    Each chapter contains so many solved problems on the basis of the previous year’s papers. You will get a mass of questions to practice the concepts covered in the chapter.
    Hints and solutions will also be there, and this will definitely help in your preparations.
  • ACC – This book is simply best for all those who are preparing for the Indian Army GD Exam as well as for those who are also preparing for SSB, as this book will help you to get prepare for SSB too.
    There will be questions from previous year’s exams which will help you to practice at your best.
    Moreover, you will get all current affairs and General Ability questions in this book.

Indian Army GD Free Test Papers – Indian Army GD Written Exam Syllabus

One of the best ways to prepare for any exam is by practicing the previous year’s papers. They not only give you an idea about the types of questions that are asked, but it also sets your mind and hands to work together, as time is an important factor in the exam. Practicing previous years’ papers can benefit you in many ways, let me illustrate some of the benefits of practicing them.

Download GD test paper

  • First of all, test papers make you more efficient. The more you practice, the more you will get close to the correct answers. Hard work always pays off.
  • Secondly, You come to know all the important questions, and this makes your queries a little bit easier. Once you get to know the important questions, you don’t have to put that much effort into the other one.
  • Solving test papers enhance your confidence level, for sure. Things will automatically get easy once you acquire confidence in yourself. The more the number of the right answers, the more confidence you will have.
  • Exam pattern, on a serious note, test papers exactly clear up the confusions of aspirants. You will easily get to know that what kind of exam you will be having in few days.

There is so much more important to discover, as test papers contain so many important questions. There is no alternative to practice, just do it as much as you can. Just practice like a champion who doesn’t want to quit.

Buy Best Indian Army Books

All the best to all aspirants having their Indian Army GD exam in a few days. Pass with flying colors.

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